OTC Derivatives Settlement

HitFin enables you to trade and settle derivatives bilaterally within seconds


Settle trades within seconds, not days. HitFin leverages cutting-edge smart contract technology to speed things up.


Don't let anyone stand between you and your upside. HitFin reduces your trading costs by allowing you to settle your trades directly with your counterparties.


We allow you to trade custom derivatives instruments.


Trade directly with any counterparty anywhere in the world.


HitFin settles trades with smart contract technology so your upside is protected.

Existing financial trading channels take days to settle and have strict rules regarding who can trade and what can be traded. On top of this, fees are a huge drag on investment performance.

Leveraging cutting edge Ethereum blockchain technology, HitFin is building a vertically integrated derivatives trading platform. The platform enables market participants to enter into and settle complex customized financial contracts without the need for intermediaries and with limited counter-party risk.

The HitFin trading platform allows existing financial products, such as swaps, to be settled bilaterally through the blockchain. The trades settle immediately and allow market participants to bypass intermediaries such as clearing houses, exchanges, custodians and brokerage firms.


Patrick Salami is Founder and CTO of HitFin. He is a software engineer with a background in financial services, big data analytics and Hadoop. Prior to founding HitFin, Patrick worked on risk and asset management software for funds of hedge funds and built automated trading systems.

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